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The Creation of a Film Festival

Updated: Mar 11, 2020


Centre County Film Festival

Fall of 2019, I got the amazing opportunity to work with Director and Film Instructor Pearl Gluck in the creation of the 1st Annual Centre County Film Festival held in Philipsburg, PA. My role was to direct, film, and edit promotional content leading up to the festival's opening. It was an experience like no other, and it was truly a pleasure working with other aspiring filmmakers while capturing this exciting event through film.

What is the Centre Film Workshop?

The Centre Film Workshop is a grass-roots organization founded to bring local stories to film and to create a platform for multimedia storytelling, dialogue, and screenings. With the historic Rowland Theatre as a century-old touchstone, we will bring filmmakers and films to the community that spark conversation. At the same time, in order to inspire new work, we aim to create workshop and masterclass opportunities at public events that will enable students (from junior high to undergrads) to engage with artists in the field and help them develop their own artistic visions. We believe Central Pennsylvania is rich with screen-worthy stories and the talent to make them.


Video Example:


Want to learn more? Please visit the website:

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