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Updated: Mar 11, 2020

What is CommAgency?

CommAgency creates high-quality, low-cost media for Penn State clients. Overseen by a full-time faculty director and division managers, we give students real-world experience working with professional equipment and real-life clients. We specialize in short, documentary-style and narrative videos and commercials for website and social media channels. We'll work with you to customize your project and exceed expectations for your video needs.

My Experience

This is only my second semester with CommAgency, but I have already learned so much invaluable skills while working with such an amazing group of talented storytellers. This job is giving me hands on experience working with clients on need based assignments, while of course furthering my experience with filmmaking as a whole. Currently, my team and I are working with the Smeal Center for the Business of Sustainability to create marking content for the amazing opportunities they have to offer both businesses and students. While I may be graduating this semester, the experiences and knowledge I have attained while working here will be with me throughout my career.


Want to learn more about CommAgency? I invite you to visit the website:

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